Tannaka Co.,Ltd.

In year of Taisho 12 (1923), Koichi Nakanishi founded the Tannaka Co., Ltd; the company had started as a fine arts dealer "Shoko do". Koichi was born in a successive merchant family of Nakanishi, a residents of Tamba sasayama. He was also a grand master of Noh artifacts. He was specialized in armors and Makie furnishings because of its location as castle town. The exhibitions throughout the nation were held under supervision of Soetsu Yanagi; the Mingei expert and Ichizo Kobayashi; a founder of the Hankyu group to contribute the spread of "Kotamba" and implementation of art. Koichi Nakanishi continued his collection of Kotamba besides his fine art business. In May 11th, 1969, he established a private museum "Old tamba pottery museum" as a culmination of his collection and opened to the public.

Koichi's son Toru Nakanishi who succeeded the business after Koichi passed away has deeply studied Kotamba and published many books about Tamba-yaki. Gradually he expanded his field of specialty to Nihon Rokkoyo in general along with Tamba-yaki. In 1960's or Showa 40's, he laid his eyes especially on the Noh masks, the Original instruments, and the Noh costumes. He made connections with famous Noh actors and researchers in order to master this field.

In October 1976 or Showa 51, he opened "Museum of Noh Artifacts" next to "Old Tamba Pottery Museum". Then he put emphasis on supporting the Sasayama Kasuga Noh and other Noh performances and developing the Noh mask artists throughout the nation.

In addition, in May 8th, 1997 or Heisei 9, he opened "Kochuan" Osaka branch with the passion to disseminate his field of specialty to the world. Kaoru Nakanishi is the third CEO now and specializing in Rokkoyo, Noh artifacts, Katchu, and Modern arts and crafts. The Kochuan Osaka branch is producing itself to be a communication space as "Salon of the beauty" and we have more visitors from all over the world.

CEO Kaoru Nakanishi photo of CEO
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